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This is the new Roland AE 10 Aerophone with 128 sounds on board, 8 octaves, and many new options.

Melvyn's Ingleside resort in Palm Springs, California with Nino Fontana's piano bar. 1994

Track 5
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"The Girl from Ipanema"

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"This Masquerade"

Playing my version of biker blues for 3000 bikers  at the Daytona Hilton Oceanside Bike Week 1995

Izumolonius at the crew bar


is a solo performance which uses professionally produced backtracks with saxophone, and the Electronic Woodwind Instrument (EWI). A vocalist is added on many types of performances. I have been performing as a solo act since the 1980s. Prior to the introduction of the electronic instruments I was using alto, tenor and soprano saxophones and flute. Around 1988 I started using the Yamaha WX11 EWI which gave me 128 sounds or instruments and 5 octaves. Currently, I use the Roland AE 10 Aerophone which also has traditional saxophone fingerings with many additional options. There are 8 octaves, 128 sounds on board the instrument itself and it can access hundreds more through many different available programs. It also has the ability to play chords, it can scat sing, and plays sax, flute, clarinet, flugel horn, upright bass and an array of expressive synth sounds to name a few. The entire setup requires a space of approximately 6 foot square and sets up in less than 10 minutes. Click on the songlist page to see a basic  list of tunes.   [email protected]

Setup at the Vermont Jazz Center

                            Chris - Bass           Izumi - Piano

Mom finally gets to meet Tony Bennett